Higher Learnings

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 5:39 AM
Not so long ago, I received an invitation from Weddings Beautiful Worldwide Philippines to be a licensed wedding planner. A license wedding planner? Yes, this was my initial reaction. Do you really need a license to become one? In a bid to answer this question, I read on and did my research about this group. Weddings Beautiful Worldwide is an international organization that aims to professional wedding planners from all over the world. Thus Weddings Beautiful Worldwide Philippines was established, headed by Ms. Berlyn Yap. I also learned that in the Philippines, there is really no formal school that educates aspiring event planners. Some became coordinators because they share the same passion like many of us, some were former brides turned coordinators and found their calling. I was really happy that finally, an active organization will help professionalize the wedding planning industry. More than a earning that title, it is the client benefits most from this. Despite of being in the industry for more than five years, I did not hesitate. I took one of the most fundamental seminar.

Looking forward to the next seminars! Soon, I would like to be an apprentice! Watch out for that!

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